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Base Light is ready to help you with multiple decades of experience in lighting technology. The high professional standard of our service is guaranteed by the professional background of our staff. Even if it’s the lighting of a home, an office, a parking house or a garden, or you are after a special standing lamp, you can always count on the expertise of Base Light!

You can either contact us with your individual requests or with one of the following services:

  • Distribution of industrial lamp bases
  • Distribution of design lamps

  • Distribution of light sources and LED strips

  • Lighting technology consultancy

  • Interior design consultancy

  • Complete construction





Our Brands


Residential Home in Szentendre

„I have chosen the rail system for this home to connect the spaces with different function – hall, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, living room- on the axis of the entry and the garden. Ambient and mood lights are provided by wall lamps (Faro Bacelona – Volga) and ceiling hidden lights (Topmet – Corner14 profile – Radium led strips), that’s why it is important to design them to separate circuits at the lighting plan. The second circuit is for the decoration lamps (Faro Barcelona – Mine, Petite Friture – Vertigo), an the third one switches on all the lighting (Faro Barcelona – Hyde).

Ambient and „cleaning lights” can be oparated by zones or multiple zones together, as it is lifelike that all the ambient lights are on in the same time on one level.”

Designer: Richárd Somogyi

Schiszler Pálinka Office building

We had a lot of unique solutions here – tailor-made lamp bodies, and invidivual implementation which was made by us. Elegence, quality, individuality. Designer: József Kirják


We control our projects from the design to execution till post-construction (e.g. publishing the project). Our professional expertise, our professionalism, trustworthyness and precision is combined with our passion for lighting technology at every single project. Light is vital for our lives, which impacts us, our mood and our performance at work. It generates feelings and we can generate feelings with lights. To make it occur accurately in time and space, high quality, mindful design and execution is required.

This is our mission and the foundation of our work.

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